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The Adventures of Prestonians

Tori Yama - Someone Stole Our Journal Name
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Ohayo, konnichiwa, konbanwa or whatever.

This is a community created especially for the first year (soon to be second yay :D) Japanese students at Preston University.

Essentially, the purpose of this community is to help each other out and to get to know each other a bit better. You can use it to chat, get help with things you don't understand, arrange study sessions etc.

The community is NOT for getting other people to do your assignments/homework for you. It is also not a place to be bitchy.

As far as joining is concerned, membership is open. All that I ask is that you make it clear who you are so I can add you to a list of members underneath :D


danyata - Hayley.
drdood - DAVID.
miiol - Sophie.


Me for making the community.
LJ Layouts for the layout.